Good Morning Dick, No, I cannot confirm what it is the Police are wanting to do with you. I assume they want to talk with you about the destruction of property in the Chico Outpt. Office that occurred on Monday Oct.16th. I encourage you to give the Police a call. Again, anytime you want to communicate with me just send me an email, also I am willing to meet you & talk too. Ginger

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From: Richard Ratledge []
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 6:08 PM
To: Iversen, Ginger; ''
Subject: Re: meeting time

--- "Iversen, Ginger" <>
> Hello Dick - I recived a phone message from your
> wife wanting to arrange a
> time when you could talk with me

hmmm. She must have the message wrong. She needs to
talk to you herself, I am not coming around because I
believe they will lock me up. Can you confirm what it
is the Police are wanting to do with me?  Thanks.

PS. I have signed a Release of Information for anyone
to talk to my wife about anything. It is in my chart
but if you need more, this is it. [smile]

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