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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 19:36:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Ratledge <>  | Block address
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I am having a MAJOR problem with Butte County Mental
Health. Is there anything you can do to help? Or do
you think I should just be locked up the same as the
folks in Butte Co. Please contact my wife 530-893-8759
if there is anything positive you can do. Thanks.
Richard Ratledge

I once heard that MH treatment facilities could not
charge (money or 
legal) for damage to property done by those afflicted
with Mental 
Illness. More than once I have been in the situation
where I have 
caused property damage. One time I threw an
overstuffed chair through 
my counselor's window. Another time I messed up a door
on the PHF 
pretty badly. There have been others but these are

When I lived in a Board and Care home the owner told
me that it was 
really hard on him that so many windows and such got
broken and he 
could not recover damages from the residents.

My question to the members of this groups is: "Is
there something in 
statute or case law about facilites not being able to
PeopleWho for damages? Somebody here must know.

I know assualting a person is entirely different but
my illness
involves only property. I have never threatened or
hurt a person. I get pretty scary but not assualtive.
The worst thing I ever had to pay for was repairs to a
podium at City Hall in the amount of about $400. PAI
said they would cover that one since one of their
people triggered me that time but they didn't come
through with the money so I paid it with my meager
savings. :-(  Is it any wonder I have an attitude
about PAI???

I am really puzzled by this sending the cops to my
door. They did it
a few weeks ago also. Am I missing something? I cannot
get anyone to 
say what the cops want. This scares me. They either
won't talk to my 
wife when she calls or they say they just want to talk
to me. I have 
come up with a couple of rules about cops:
1. If they say, "I just want to talk." Run, fast!
2. Cops lie. Do Not Trust Them!

Anyway, my wife is going in for emergency surgery
tomorrow in hopes 
of keeping her foot from falling off. She really needs
to have me
there but I don't know that if I came back to help her
the cops would pick
me up and take me to jail or to Mental Health. Either
scenario is scary
and would likely lead to more violence and forced
medication, not to 
mention no help for my wife.

The Rogue's Gallery here is:
Pam Stallings, (sp?) the counselor who would not let
my daughter bring 
an advocate in to her session to help. She is the one
who's lying triggered me. 530-891-2784
Dennis Armstron, my regular counselor. Same office and
phone as 
Pam. He is claiming that he cannot help me because I
am seeing Erik 
(below) for couple's counseling with my wife.
Erik Aronson, (sp) my wife's counselor in the Older
Adult Services 
section. My wife has serious medical issues that the
older adult section can address better than
Outpatient. 530-872-6452 He is the only one on my
side! He says that he is NOT my counselor. There would
be serious 
problems with his boss if they tried to move me to
Older Adults. I am 
46 with no physical problems.
Ginger Iverson Acting MH Department Director (Brad Luz
from Alameda 
Co. has been hired as the new director but he doesn't
enter on duty
until November 1) She is trying to get me to come to a
face to face
meeting. What is her motivation? I think she wants to
slap the cuffs on me! She has lied to me before. This
is probably the most important person to work on. Her
receptionist is at 530-891-2859.
Chico Police Department All I know is that an officer
Monroe (Morrow? 
something else???) called but I hung up on her. She
rang my doorbell 
just minutes after she called but I did not answer the
door. My wife
has called them a few times and at first they said
they could not tell
her anything unless she showed up at their office with
an ID that
identified her to be Richard Ratledge! Last they said
is that they just want to talk to me. Yeah, right! See
number 2, above. I won't call them because I am afraid
that I might be breaking some law if they tell me to
do something and I don't comply. Their dispatch
non-emergency number is 530-894-4911.

If anyone would like to do some advocacy or find out
more about what 
is going on, I strongly encourage you to call the
people listed. Best
way to coordinate is through my wife, Susan, at
530-893-8759. She is 
having surgery tomorrow AM so please keep that in
mind. My internet 
access is limited as I try to elude the unknown...

Any help anybody can provide, especially in regard to
the bit about 
charges for property damage will be most welcome.
Thank you very 
much.  -Dick

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