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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:56:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Richard Ratledge <>  | Block address
Subject: RE: please contact me
To: "Iversen, Ginger" <>
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Perhaps, I need to clarify things. I have come to
realize that I really do wish to remain involved with
some aspects of the MH System. After a few weeks of
trying to get it out of my head, I cannot stop
thinking about it. The recent actions against me by
the BCDBH have made it more clear than ever that
systems advocacy is a necessary activity with which I
need to be involved.

What I meant by the note below is that I do not wish
to have further contact with the system from a
treatment perspective: nor about the recent
unfortunate incident. I did not intend for this to
carry over to the other advocacy work I have been
doing. Especially, I am concerned that I did not
receive notice of, or a copy of the meeting packet,
for the recent Behavioral Health Board (BHB)Meeting. I
don't know how the note below to the Department could
affect mailings from the BHB but I am concerned that
such has happened. I will take that matter up with the

Finally, Tim Quinn mentioned in his note that he would
see about getting charges dropped if I complied with
his conditions. I cannot comply with those conditions,
not that I don't want to but I have spent over 20
years trying to do what he is asking (as Tim well
knows from numerous therapy sessions). Obviously I am
unable to do what he requests. Anyway, I would like to
know what charges are outstanding. I know you said
before that you didn't know what the police wanted
with me but I was hoping you could let me know what
legal problems I am facing. If you do not know, can
you point me to someone who can tell me? Perhaps the
District Attorney? Tim called my wife last night
(because of the call my wife placed to you?) and said
that they don't know how much the charges for the
damages will be. When those charges are computed would
you please send them to me and please send a copy to
the DMH Ombudsman Office. David Jones from that office
has contacted me so I assume you could send them to
him. I am cc'ing this note to him at:

If anyone cares to look through it, I have collected
the bulk of the correspondence around this matter and
crudely put it on the web at:
please let me know if you have trouble accessing the
material and I will set it up better.

--- Richard Ratledge <> wrote:
> --- "Iversen, Ginger" <>
> wrote:
> > Iam concerned about you &
> > want to see this situation with you resolved - how
> > can I help? Ginger
> After considering Tim Quinn's note at length, I have
> decided to remove myself from the Mental Health
> arena
> entirely. I do not intend to voluntarily pursue
> treatment from BCDBH. I feel that they have betrayed
> me in my hour of greatest need. Instead of helping
> me
> all they wanted to do was persecute (or, perhaps
> more
> accurately, prosecute) me.
> I request that no one from Butte County Department
> of
> Behavioral Health contact me further. If the
> Department feels that they MUST recover damages
> please
> do so through whatever channels you feel are
> appropriate but do not contact me directly. Should
> the
> Auditor/Controller present me with a bill for
> damages,
> I will attempt to pay it but with my limited income
> and extensive debt I do not know how I can pay such
> a
> bill.
> You, and everyone at BCDBH, may rest assured that I
> will not do anything detrimental to your well being.
> As far as I am concerned, my time with the local
> Mental Health Plan is finished. I only wish there
> were
> another option open to me for treatment.
> Again, please do not contact me further. If at all
> possible please destroy whatever records you have on
> me. Thank you.
> Sincerely, Richard Ratledge 'Dick'

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