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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 02:20:21 EDT
Subject: Re: please contact me
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I'm sorry for the delay in responding--today I was, in fact, awaiting a 
from you.  I still think that this might be the most useful way to 
However, I do understand and respect your feelings regarding direct 

A major stumbling block, both clinically and legally, is what seems to 
me to 
be a lack of taking responsibility for your behavior.  Your position, 
if I 
understand it, is that your destructive behavior is uncontrollable in 
face of triggering situations, and that your remedy is to limit 
exposure to 
such situations.  It's your prerogative to manage your life as you see 
of course, but to me it seems unnecessarily limiting and a confining 
choice--if only you could find a way to contain yourself in the face of 
seems to be provocation.  A painful reality is that now you are 
confronted by 
the consequences of your choices.

I suggest you express contrition--if you feel it--for your violent and 
upsetting behavior, promise to never again engage in such conduct, and 
to pay for the damages to county property.  Should you commit to this 
in a 
binding way, then I would recommend to Ginger, Don Liddiard, and the 
that criminal charges be dropped.  We would also be willing to assist 
with your mental health needs, should you wish it.

I'll be checking my email throughout the weekend, in case you'd like to 
respond this weekend.  I truly wish you well, and would like to see you 
continue in making (considerable) contributions to the community.  If 
should need any crisis services at any time, please call Crisis Service 

Tim Quinn, MFT

In a message dated 10/20/00 2:16:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Tim and Ginger, 
 I haven't gotten a response to this. Checking email is
 costing me considerable so a prompt reply would be
 appreciated. I need to know that the police will not
 try to contact me.
 The way I manage these destructive outbursts is to
 limit my exposure to triggering situations. Face to
 fact and voice contact are my worst triggering
 situations. That is why I do not contact the cops.
 That and the fact the officer who came to my house did
 not leave her business card so I cannot email her.
 Going to Mental Health has always been a dangerous
 thing for me. Obviously, I am going to have to stop
 doing that, too. 
 By the way Tim, my wife said you told her she was
 wrong about Pam. Pretty unprofessional.
 Anyway, I am waiting for a reply. Hope you manage to
 do that soon. I will NOT be calling you. I need to
 avoid triggering situations to survive in society. 
 --- Richard Ratledge <> wrote:
 > Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 22:21:01 -0700 (PDT)
 > From: Richard Ratledge <>
 > Reply-to:
 > Subject: Re: please contact me
 > To:
 > CC:
 > --- wrote:
 > > I'd like to help you find a way to resolve the
 > > current difficulty.  Please 
 > > give me a call tomorrow at work--530\891-2784.
 > What can you do?
 > I need to know that nobody is going to try to lock
 > me
 > up. I would especially like it if the Chioo Police
 > do
 > not try to talk to me. Situations with authority can
 > get out of hand, as I am sure you know.
 > Ginger called my wife and said something to the
 > effect
 > that nobody would be grabbing me but I need
 > assurance
 > that there will be no further intimidation from
 > Thank you, Richard Ratledge 'Dick' >>

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