To Whom It May Concern:

††††††† This letter is in regard to the incident that took place at Butte County Behavioral Health Outpatient Services on Monday, October, 16th, 2000 at 4:00pm.



††††††† I, Mattelyn Sue Powell, have been client at Outpatient Services since April (approximately) of 2000. For the most part Pam Stallings has been my counselor. I have had several disagreements with her about bringing in an advocate with me to my counseling sessions. I felt that it was imperative that I have one because Pam was so controlling, not to mention rude, in our sessions that I felt I had no say in my treatment plan. I felt that nothing beneficial was coming out of our meetings. On several occasions I had expressed my dissatisfaction with her and finally, after getting no results, with Debi Martin, a Patientís Rights Advocate. I am now in the process of having her removed as my counselor.


††††††† While I have been having these problems with Pam., I have been asking my step-father, Richard Ratledge for support and advice. He has been onthe board of the Butte County Mental Health Advisory Board for at least 15 years and on the Butte County Network of Mental Heath Clients for 5 to 10 years. He has a lot of information and good advice and he cares about me. I asked him to attend this meeting with me as an advocate.





††††††† Richard Ratledge, Danielle (the director from Catalyst Womenís Shelter, where I reside), and myself met at the Outpatient Office and sat together while we waited for Pam to meet me for my appointment. She came out a few minutes later and we, Pam and I. Immediately argued verbally because she refused to let me have an advocate again after I had been told by Patientís Rights that I had a right to have one present. She then stated that I had made a written agreement not to have one present and that statement was a complete lie. Richard obviously realized that she was lying and he was upset at the fact that she wasnít willing to let me have my advocate. He then proceeded to let out his rage with her by punching the wall and loudly saying that she and the Mental Health system never help anyone.Then he left the building.